Madsen Law P.C. Founder Named Super Lawyer for 2016

Madsen Law P.C. is proud to announce that Bertrand Madsen was named a “Super Lawyer” for 2016 by Thomson Reuters’ attorney rating service Super Lawyers. Mr. Madsen was selected “Top Rated Business Litigation Attorney in New York” in recognition for his experience, expertise, and exceptional representation of the firm’s clients in business litigation. Super Lawyers.

Allegations Against Haitian Prime Minister and Former Business Partner Proven False

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Miami, Florida – The owner of the newspaper Haiti Observateur Group, Leo Joseph, agreed to the dismissal of a lawsuit brought against him by Madsen Law P.C.’s clients Laurent Lamothe, the Prime Minister of Haiti, and Patrice Baker, his former business partner.

In Lamothe v. Joseph, 12 Civ. 23300(MGC)(JJO) (S.D. Fla.), Lamothe and Baker sued Joseph for publishing an article that accused them of using the Haitian government to pressure Haitel, a bankrupt telecommunications company, to sell its assets at below market value to Nord Citadel, a New York investment company seeking investments in Haiti.

Madsen Law P.C. Successfully Defends $240 Million Lawsuit

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On December 19, 2014, United States District Judge Jack B. Weinstein rejected all the claims brought by Haiti’s first cellular telephone company (Haiti Telecommunications International S.A., a/k/a HAITEL) and its founder Franck Cine, against Madsen Law P.C.’s client, the Haitian national telecom provider Les Télécommunications d’Haiti S.A.M. (a/k/a TELECO).